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Since 1987 we have been exhibiting First Peoples art and craft and conducting cultural awareness through our tours, hands on workshops in universities,schools and educational presentations for Australians and overseas visitors.

Thousands of Australians and overseas visitors have enjoyed learning about the history and amazingly rich culture of Australia's First Peoples. Aborigines lived on Australian plains. No one else there but the wind and rains. Happy and free living as one. Listen, the birds the animals greet the morning sun. For thousands of years, or so it appears. The air was pure, the land was clean. The mountains the forests were pristine. Hunters , gatherer's on the move. How could they know these pale strangers would disapprove. Hunted and chased like animal herds. Far from their lands to be placed on reserves. The dancing, the dreaming, their art to be scorned. The hurting the weeping had now been spawned. Made feel like a stranger in our own land. Please try and help us to understand. What you have taken was rightfully mine. There was no agreement or treaty to sign. Is it wrong to ask that justice be made. For all the broken spirits your foundations have laid. We're only asking that the truth should be known. Please forgive us, if bitterness and anger we've shown. (c) Indijnarts 1987.

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Our Values

MISSION: From small beginnings in 1987, our mission has been to keep Australia's First People's Culture alive where possible. We have also endeavoured to educate people from all areas of the planet, of the TRUE history of Australia, pre and post colonization.

VISION: Our vision is for all First Peoples of Australia, to have the same rights of equality and justice as other Australians. Where our culture and history is recognized as incredibly rich and diverse and is valued, as a huge asset to Australian society. We would also hope in the future, First People's history and culture would be taught in our education curriculum in Australia where possible. That First Peoples parents would create a safe, loving and encouraging environment and make their childrens health and education 2 major priorities in their lives. For our children to have self belief and not be afraid to leave home and experience the bigger picture. IRON SHARPENETH IRON. To take hold of all opportunities with your amazing gifts and talents, to reach your dreams and full potential. Yahway, Nharthung Tarbarusi.

Our Cultural Tours

These tours are a genuine cultural educational experience. Our First Peoples tour guides are accredited to Australian standards and have also worked as guides in the Kimberley's W. Aust and Kakadu National Park in the Nth Territory.

Our eco friendly tours include fun activities such as painting a returning boomerang, which is a free gift to all those who come on our cultural tours, have a tasting of Australian bush foods that are in season,try throwing a returning boomerang, try traditional fire lighting techniques, have a go at playing the yidaki (didgeridoo). On our Saltwater tour, you will also get to try digging for eugari's (A saltwater shellfood), You will see an oyster diving demonstration and have a tasting of this saltwater shell food. These activities are all part of our tours in Brisbane and our Saltwater tour on the southern end of the Gold Coast at Tweed Heads and Fingal Head.

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Camping on the river with Minyangbal kids Letitia Road, Fingal Head opposite Uncle Arty and Aunty Norma Williams place 1992. Aunty Sady Blair, Aunty Sue Follent, Aunty Christine Williams and Aunty Didi Phillips in the backround, helping supervise.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural Exchange

The late First Peoples artists and senior songmen of the Kunwinjku people of West Arnhem Land Thompson Yulidjirri and Bruce Nabageyo showcasing their artistic style known as "rarrk", or commonly called in the western world "crosshatching" in Byron Bay April 2000.If you are interested in this traditional indigenous art style, pandanas weavings and screenprinted material, please contact Injalak Arts in Gunbalanya West Arnhem Land. We guarantee you will not be disappointed in the high quality of work, this community produces.

Didge making workshop at Fingal August 2017 with Gold Coasters

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